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Hall of fame moments

Ahh, who can forget this moment in the truly great action-adventure called Raiders Of The Lost Arc? Click on image to enlarge.

Monsters Inc has superb picture quality as this new release benefits from a direct digital transfer. The animation of Sullivan's fur is definitely state of the art. Click on image to enlarge.

Out of all the animated DVD's in my collection, none engages me as much as The Incredibles. It was truly deserving of its oscars for best animated film and sound design and I look forward to the future hi-def blu-ray version. Click on image to enlarge.

The new animation reference for picture quality goes to Finding Nemo, a movie and dvd with unsurpassed detail and great sound as well. Click on image to enlarge.

The first time I saw Attack Of The Clones on my setup, I was blown away by the picture quality. The asteroid scene is a pleaser. Click on image to enlarge.

Finally, for close to real life animation, check out this film, Final Fantasy: The Sprits Within. Click on image to enlarge.


Movie Moments (Page 1)


These are a few of my favourite scenes on disk. The screen shots were taken from the main seating position using a digital camera.

.. ..

The first 2 images are from theToy Story and Toy Story 2 disks . Both the Toy Story and Toy Story 2 transfers are as perfect as is possible on the blu-ray format. The picture and sound on Toy Story 2 rates a 10+/10. Buzz's battle with the evil Emperor Zurg is a scene in this movie made for a home theatre demo. It has extremely aggressive split surrounds and the deepest, loudest bass transient I have ever heard. Antz also has one of the loudest LFE impacts that I have heard too and is a great computer-generated film.

  .. ..

The above 3 images are from Dinosaur, The Road To ElDorado, and Tarzan respectively. The Dinosaur disk was mastered directly from the digital source so the picture is pristine. I found the music to be a real treat too. Both Tarzan and Dinosaur are perfect reference quality audio and video examples, especially Tarzan which could be the most beautifully animated Disney title around. Tulio and Miguel are featured here in The Road To El Dorado. This movie contains some really great imagery and animation.

.. ..

Shrek represents a breakthrough in computer animation and a welcome change from the normal kiddie fare. One of my favourite movies, Men In Black, pokes a lot of fun at itself. Finally agent K has graduated from the miniscule gun and using something with a real kick to it. The edgar scene  where he sheds his skin is a nice treat. Just how do you fit an 11ft bug inside an Edgar suit anyway? Chicken Run is a very enjoyable film for the whole family. The animation is absolutely superb, especially for the meticulous process used here.

  .. ..

Talk about scary, Crimson Tide tells the story of how close we can come to a nuclear disaster. This is a disk with a great soundtrack and score. Matrix Reloaded has, in my opinion, the best action sequence that I have seen in a movie thus far. Here is an image from the infamous highway scene, 20 minutes of action bliss. The right shot is from the Terminator 2 blu-ray. The sound on this disk has some real Earth-shattering LFE.

.. ..

A movie that many have spoken highly of when it comes to sound and visuals is Titan A.E. and it is one of only a few movies to ever "bottom-out" my PSB subwoofer. Deep Impact is a touching disaster epic that shows us the things that should be really important to us. Here is the wave finally reaching the eastern seaboard. Titanic, the second highest grossing movie of all time, contains some spectacular visuals that are accompanied by a great soundtrack and score.

.. ..

"Call it a test of Manhood". Braveheart is one of the best films ever made. The score, plot, action and acting are all first rate. A Bug's Life is the ultimate reference disk. The picture and sound are tough to beat. This direct digital transfer is completely void of blemishes and may be topped only by the new hi-def disks. "I will have my revenge". What a powerful moment in this great film. While watching Gladiator, you can tell that the director was totally obsessed in creating the best that this genre has to offer. The video, audio and musical score come together to create a masterpiece.

.. ..

The Fifth Element ledge sequence is a favourite of many. The presentation on this title can be considered one of the best. The Matrix remains one of my favourite reference blu-ray disks. This is one great movie with sound and extras to match. "Do you know what happens to a toad when it's struck by lightening?" X-Men is a film I enjoyed quite a bit and is featured in the centre. It is a great adaptation of the comic books and arcade games, and a must for any movie collection.